• SCHUBERTH E1 – the long awaited modular dual-sport adventure helmet from Schuberth. This helmet offers all of the benefits of the C3 Pro model with added features essential for adventure riders such as adjustable peak visor and a filtered breather at the chin. The E1 can be worn with both the faceshield and peak in place, or either piece may be removed for the ride. The E1 meets all the requirements of an off-road helmet while maintaining on-road quality as well. 

  • Peak Visor 

    The visor can be adjusted to three different positions independently from the face shield and chin bar. It is also easily removable when desired. 

    Inner Lining 

    The inner lining was developed according to the innovative Comfort Fit concept ensures that the helmet fits comfortably and securely in all situations. The combination of carefully selected COOLMAX and Thermocool materials and the additional use of Interpower coatings also make the inner lining a highly-effective moisture removal and cooling system. The liner is easily removable and washable. 

    • COOLMAX pad system, completely removable and washable
    • Optimized fit
    • Variable for effective ventilation
    • Adjustable for summer / winter
    • Allergen-free
    • Antibacterial
    • Removable comfort cheek pads and head band pads 

    Filtered Breather 

    The E1 offers a large, closable, filtered air vent at the chin. The filter is removable and washable. 

    Integrated Sun Visor 

    The sun visor enables quick and individual adjustment according to light conditions. It is integrated into the helmet shell and can be swiveled. 

    Pinlock Visor 

    Guaranteed condensation-free thanks to its doable glazing technology. The visor may be removed for off-road use.

    High-performance Aerodynamics

    The E1 has been specially designed for the riding posture on normal and sportive tours and also remains stable in the airflow at high speeds (>160 km/h). The special shape of the helmet shell with an integrated spoiler plus an aerodynamically optimized straight end edge ensure appreciably enhanced down force. Even at higher speeds the E1 develops practically no upward lift. The E1 also offers reduced wind resistance and optimized directional stability. With closed machines the buffeting is also significantly minimized. 


    A quiet helmet means active safety for the motorcyclist: this permits the rider to concentrate on riding – particularly at higher speeds. Many hours in the Schuberth acoustics wind tunnel have ensured that the E1 is quiet. The comprehensive acoustics package with optimized helmet shell, wind deflector and ergonomic shape of the neck padding make the E1 one of the quietest helmet of all. 


    The combination of multipath channels in the EPS foam shell and the head/chin/mouth ventilation ensure that fresh air is distributed effectively over the entire head area. The air channels in the inner shell direct the air which enters through the forehead ventilation well over the back of the head to the rear of the helmet. The low pressure prevailing at the rear of the helmet ensures that the internal air is constantly extracted through the air outlets and the special netting in the neck padding. 

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